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  1. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

      [Anchorage] - 6:00 PM, Wed Apr 23, 2014 by Ellen Toll

    Coastal Trail is basically ice-and-snow free from Woronzof to Kincaid so it is clear and ride-able on skinny tires. And there are snow geese on the flats to the south of the Compost facility, along w/ lots of Canada geese and pintail ducks, so take your binocs. And if you like hearing wood frogs, there were a few croaking in the gravel pit pond between miles 7 - 7.5. Stop and walk down the grassy hill and listen. Sure sign of spring.
  2. Glenn Highway

      [Anchorage] - 1:00 PM, Wed Apr 23, 2014 by Travis Rector

    Crews were out sweeping the Glenn Highway bike path this afternoon. Time to get out the bike.
  3. Hatcher Pass

      [Mat-Su] - 11:00 AM, Wed Apr 23, 2014 by Travis Rector

    Following the advice of skiers much greater than myself, we headed up to Hatcher to poke around. Archangel was not groomed this morning, but despite being a little rutted was ok skiing. Starting around 8:30 am the crust was good on the snow machine trails alongside the road, but things got more punchy once we got to the Reed Lakes trailhead area. Many spots, especially with southern exposure, were quite punchy. By 10am we basically had to stay on the snow machine trails to get back. Hopefully some more freeze-thaw up there will set things up in the next week or so.
  4. Hillside

      [Anchorage] - 5:00 PM, Tue Apr 22, 2014 by Terri Pauls

    THANK YOU for the 2013-2014 ski season, NSAA trail groomers! You are amazing and those of us who realize how much you spoil us really appreciate you and your work! Several times this year, you magically brought to life ski trails devastated by ice. You improve our quality of life!
    Thanks also to all who donate to the trail grooming.
  5. Hatcher Pass / Reed Lakes

      [Mat-Su] - 8:00 AM, Tue Apr 22, 2014 by Tim Kelley

    Gary Snyder was right about crust skiing at Hatcher Pass. It's good. Like he said - 9.5 lower elevations (like near Archangel Road). Up high the crust is not as ripe. About a 7 up at Upper Reed Lake. It seemed to get soft quickly just after 11:00 (glad I started early). A few more freeze/thaw cycles should make it even better.
  6. Archangel Road

      [Mat-Su] - 10:00 AM, Mon Apr 21, 2014 by Darren Black

    Groomed Archangel from gate to gate this morning for both skate and classic.
  7. Ship Creek Trail

      [Anchorage] - 9:00 AM, Mon Apr 21, 2014 by pete eberhardt

    Nice riding all the way from port area up to Tyson Elementary. Totally dry except for the 2 tunnels. Check it out.
  8. Portage

      [Anchorage] - 9:00 AM, Mon Apr 21, 2014 by Julian Mason

    From Janice Tower on Sunday: Just a heads-up: I talked to a guy who walked to the base of Portage Glacier. He said that he fell into the water up to his arm pits when a slab of ice he was standing on upended. He said that if it weren't for his friend who was with him, he didn't think he could’ve pulled himself out of the situation. There is a fracture line about 1,000 feet from the foot of the glacier. The ice is obviously unstable and folks should be encouraged to keep their distance.
  9. Eklutna Lake

      [Anchorage] - 9:00 AM, Mon Apr 21, 2014 by Kevin Apgar

    The snow has melted on Eklutna Lake, but I had fun double poling on crusty ice to the cabin and back.
  10. Tour of Anchorage Trail

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Sun Apr 20, 2014 by Larry

    Perhaps my tolerance of spring skiing conditions has influenced my reports. I moved the black and pink pattered cap with tuft on top from the top of the sign post at the bottom of antenna hill to the top of the sign post just over the Bruckner bridge from the parking lot. I did find today that conditions had changed quite a bit since yesterday. Many more icy patches between antenna hill and moose run. The slushy areas between moose run and Birch Knob were still icy from the low 20's overnight temps vs the upper 20's lows on Sat night. More icy area on or around Birch Knob. More icy reaches on the upper to lower SF Campbell Ck bridges as well. With all the ice, definitely need to wait until it has a chance to melt. Mid afternoon temps are mid 50's, so continued melt today and perhaps warmer overnight temps with incoming cloud cover will continue a rapid degradation of the conditions.
  11. Campbell Creek Trail

      [Anchorage] - 1:00 PM, Sun Apr 20, 2014 by Mlle Sarah

    Larry, you are far more optimistic than I about the conditions on the TOA and surrounding trails. I was out pretty darn early, so maybe that was my problem. All the patches that would be harmless slush later in the day were razor ice frozen in choppy, long stretches down significant portions of the trail. From the Peanut Farm to the South Fork bridge was about 50% snow and ice, 50% pavement. The tour trail probably is still do-able later in the day when it's slushy, but the morning was an exercise in P'Tex chewing ice gnar. Rover's has quite a bit of exposed dirt, but no overflow. Hillside is still holding up remarkably well, considering it's April 20, but the carefully, wonderfully manicured thin groom of crystals on a base of ice all down the gasline hint at what's to come in the very near future.
  12. Portage Lake

      [Anchorage] - 11:00 AM, Sun Apr 20, 2014 by droseman

    As of 11:00am, crust skiing was stellar. Light cloud cover today will extend the great conditions a few hours more. The wind was beginning to pick up as we were leaving.
  13. Eklutna Lake

      [Anchorage] - 11:00 AM, Sun Apr 20, 2014 by Jerry Hupp

    Good crust skiing at Eklutna Lake. Shallow layer of granular snow that's tightly adhered to the ice. Over most of the lake the snow layer was <2" deep. Uniform surface with good edging. Snow layer was thinner within the first mile of the parking lot and likely to become icy in that area within the next few days. We did not go very far past the end of the lake due to the lack of snow bridges over the creek. Overall, an excellent morning of skiing under clear skies.
  14. Eklutna Glacier

      [Anchorage] - 8:00 AM, Sun Apr 20, 2014 by Eric Parsons

    Public Service Announcement - If anyone is heading on the Eklutna Glacier for the traverse there is tons of blue ice exposed and very little snow below Pitchler's perch. email me if you want more info.
  15. Portage Lake

      [Anchorage] - 8:00 AM, Sun Apr 20, 2014 by Never say never

    Sun kissed, refrozen
    Am skiers travel fast
    In Bard Peak's shadow
  16. Tour of Anchorage Trail

      [Anchorage] - 3:00 PM, Sat Apr 19, 2014 by Larry

    Mushy in sunny areas and not too bad in shady areas in general and better for skiing than walking. Antenna to Moose Run is OK with just a few icy spots. Moose Run to Birch Knob is mushy with a few wet spots that can be skirted. Birch Knob is icy on the steep end but the other end is OK. OK with mushy sections going around Birch Knob. Bruckner bridge to the lower bridge is OK with mushy sections. Lower bridge and beyond around the bend has bare sections, but beyond that is OK conditions with some areas of needles and dirt all the way to the Campbell Ck trail. That trail toward the ball fields is showing more pavement and does not connect to the trail through the woods to the ball field. Not convinced that it is worth going beyond the lower SF Campbell Ck bridge. Nice to get out for shorts and T shirt skiing in spring sunshine.

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