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  1. Portage Lake

      [Anchorage] - 6:00 PM, Thu Apr 17, 2014 by Trond Flagstad

    Just to Echo the previous report about Portage Lake. It was incredible today! We started at 10:30am and around 1pm it was starting to soften up and we were breaking through the top layer in places. Carpet skiing with just enough texture for great skate skiing. All old tracks and ruts were completely gone. I would start earlier if I could. The glacier was very active too, calving and cracking.
  2. Tour of Anchorage Trail

      [Anchorage] - 1:00 PM, Thu Apr 17, 2014 by Larry

    NSAA groomed to MLK Blvd. You can still access from MLK ball field parking lot, but not much longer. As NSAA mentioned, bridges are thin and showing some wood. Birch Knob was groomed but is icy on steep side but other side is fine. One slushy spot forming in the open birch forest near Birch Knob but otherwise good to antenna hill. N side of antenna hill is fine but top of south side has icy reaches and the 2nd hill down has gravel on the outside of the bend. Rest of the way down is not too icy. A slushy area just before the Little Campbell Ck bridge. The long Homestead Hill is icy/slushy/wet and there are icy and wet reaches on top as well. My boots/socks got wet along the way. Last trip up/down Homestead Hill for me this year, but rest of trail is still OK.
  3. Portage Lake

      [Anchorage] - 9:00 AM, Thu Apr 17, 2014 by Lawrence of Alaska

    Portage lake got crust! As of Thursday the entire lake was A+ crust skiing and fast, from the parking lot all the way to the glacier.
  4. Hillside

      [Anchorage] - 8:00 PM, Wed Apr 16, 2014 by Skijoring Ladybugs

    With the clouds keeping the sun off the trails throughout the afternoon, skiing from Service around the Lighted, Richter, and Spencer Loops was most excellent this evening. Clearing skies toward the end were helping the snow refreeze and it became progressively faster. As reported by others, the upper fifty meters or so of the big hill on Richter has to be walked, but that loop is otherwise fun to skate after being "classical only" all winter long. Many thanks to the groomers for extending the ski season!
  5. Kincaid

      [Anchorage] - 6:00 PM, Wed Apr 16, 2014 by Ryan Hickel

    Skied jodphur, old six, big dipper, backwards on margauxs, backwards on dark alley, up rollercoaster, down elliots, up elliots, little niagra, back to jod. Took off my skis at least 6 times. Very slushy, very jerky in parts while skiing over old pine needles and dirt, skied through some puddles. That's it for me! Thanks Kincaid groomers (Craig)! Thanks Brad Cooke for keeping the lights on this winter! Another great ski season in Kincaid.
  6. Tour of Anchorage Trail

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Wed Apr 16, 2014 by Larry

    Skated between antenna hill and the MLK ball fields and found generally uniform but slow conditions. No ponded water but a few icy/slushy patches. The steep side of Birch Knob was icy but the other side is fine. There is the normal short bare patch on the south end of the lower SF Campbell Ck bridge. The water or someone cut a channel through the icy trail at the MLK ball field parking lot, so that area is passable on skis, but the groomer may break through and should maybe turn around before that point.
  7. Hillside

      [Anchorage] - 1:00 PM, Wed Apr 16, 2014 by Travis Rector

    Perfect red klister conditions at Hillside. Swix KX65+Universal 50/50 mix was working majick on the trails. Fresh groom on lighted, spencer, richter/ridge. Coverage is still excellent with only a few wet spots. Only had to clip out at the top of ridge. Keep in mind that at this time of year conditions are changing rapidly, but right now all of the downhills are good. Also keep in mind a greater likelihood of bear encounters.
  8. Hillside

      [Anchorage] - 12:00 PM, Wed Apr 16, 2014 by Mark Iverson

    Pleasantly surprised by the conditions. I hadn't been up there in a few weeks and found full coverage with only a few thin spots. The groomer seems to have been filling those in as well as possible. We skied all of Lighted, Double Bubble, and Spencer. Softening corn conditions, a few typical wet spots, made the skiing a little slow, but all in all it was great ski. I imagine it will get sloppy as the afternoon goes on.
  9. GPRA

      [Mat-Su] - 6:00 AM, Tue Apr 15, 2014 by Ed Strabel

    Meltdown is upon us. The gate to GPRA will be locked soon for breakup. Ski at Archangel Rd. Runners/hikers can still go up the hiking trail to Blue Berry Knoll. Park at gate if locked, but don't completely block the gate (MSB vehicles may need to access the Community Center.)
  10. Portage Lake

      [Anchorage] - 4:00 PM, Mon Apr 14, 2014 by sjburky

    The lake probably did not freeze last night. The surface at 10;30 AM Monday at 38 degrees was soft. There was about 2 inches of slushy snow over ice - you could skate ski through it. It was wetter towards the glacier with big patches of very wet slush. A hard freeze would turn the surface to rough ice. No visible snow in Twenty Mile Valley. The Bike trail appears to be snowless especially on the Girdwood End - folks were out biking.
  11. Hillside

      [Anchorage] - 4:00 PM, Mon Apr 14, 2014 by Travis Rector

    Warm temps hitting Hillside hard. Standing water in several spots, including near the end of Spencer. A lot of lurching as you go from icy shaded spots to soft slush in the sun so be careful. Best conditions on Richter thanks to the partial shade. Definitely grab this opportunity to ski in a T-shirt. It wont last long.
  12. girdwood

      [Anchorage] - 3:00 PM, Mon Apr 14, 2014 by sjburky

    The Girdwood XC Trail - It froze over night. It still had groom marks from a few days ago. At 12noon the XC Trail was firm in the shade but softer in sun patches-skate skiing was good. No classic tracks. Could be very firm to icy after a hard overnight freeze.
  13. Skookum Glacier

      [Anchorage] - 3:00 PM, Mon Apr 14, 2014 by Bob Vogel

    Skookum is still very doable and a pleasant experience even starting late in the day on mushy snow and slush on the flats. Snow all the way from the road. Early in the morning it will probably be great crust skating. Took the pups and they did a bit of postholing toward the glacier but things firmed back up on the way out.
  14. Tour of Anchorage Trail

      [Anchorage] - 1:00 PM, Mon Apr 14, 2014 by Larry

    As NSAA grooming report said, they groomed the entire Tour Trail down to and including the short connector to the MLK ball field parking lot (thanks). By the time I returned to the parking lot, there was water flowing across the trail very near the lot and very wet conditions between the ball fields. I found out that groomed slush is still slush but the grooming in the shade was a nice light touch up that maintained fast conditions. Birch Knob was groomed and the steeper side was slushy in the early afternoon. Virtually all classic tracks are now gone. The hill up to Hillside had 5-6 icy patches that soften in the afternoon sun. Warm week in the forecast could cause conditions to rapidly deteriorate.

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