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  1. Independence Mine

      [Mat-Su] - 6:00 PM, Sat Oct 03, 2015 by Ed Strabel

    Mat-Su Ski Club trail brushing party scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled (Sunday). Heavy wet snow gets deep fast just above the Fishhook parking lot, one lane,16+"of snow, NO PLOWING. Once conditions improve, MSSC will start grooming unless there is a major meltdown.
  2. Independence Mine

      [Mat-Su] - 12:00 PM, Sat Oct 03, 2015 by SG

    1 foot of new wet, heavy snow at the Fishhook parking lot, 2+ feet of new snow at Independence Mine, and more on the way. Looks like Ed wasn't able to make it up there with the groomer, so we did our best to help him out by laying some "tracks", trudging up to the Mine on classic skis. Worth going up there just to watch the debacle of stuck cars. The State Park Rangers rode their snowmachines up to the Mine, which left a decent track for classic skiing it. Also, we observed a large natural avalanche on the NE aspect of Skyscraper Mountain, approximately where the aerial tram used to bring ore down to the Mine (slightly north of Martin Mine). Be careful out there!
  3. Independence Mine

      [Mat-Su] - 10:00 AM, Sat Oct 03, 2015 by Ed Strabel

    One Foot + of heavy, wet snow at the parking lot. Road has not been plowed. Only two cars plus the State Parks Ranger have managed to make it up. Conditions are bad!
  4. Independence Mine

      [Mat-Su] - 6:00 AM, Sat Oct 03, 2015 by Ed Strabel

    Heavy snow last night starting at Archangel Rd. Road may need plowing before you can get to the mine. Mat-Su Ski Club will be moving our grooming equipment up there today if the road is in good shape and start grooming as soon as possible. We will post updates as soon as we know something.
  5. Archangel

      [Mat-Su] - 4:00 PM, Fri Oct 02, 2015 by Pam Todd

    Nearly a foot of snow at Independence Mine and snowing heavily. Road not plowed. I skied Archangel road, which only had 3-4 inches of heavy snow. Archangel was not closed yet, but I am sure that will change.
  6. Glen Alps

      [Anchorage] - 3:00 PM, Thu Oct 01, 2015 by Joe Kurtak

    Skied up Powerline trail from Glen Alps on Thurs afternoon. Trail pretty good with track in 6-8 inches snow with some icy spots to German Bridge. Beyond there long stretches with water running down the trail. Recommend classic rock skis.
  7. Russian Jack

      [Anchorage] - 9:00 AM, Thu Oct 01, 2015 by red8wop

    Really good this morning, 28 degrees. Snow dried out and was fluffy and very good skiing on the grassy base areas! Not sure it will be there tomorrow.
  8. Independence Mine

      [Mat-Su] - 8:00 AM, Thu Oct 01, 2015 by Ed Strabel

    Mat-Su Ski Club will be performing trail work on the usual ski loops at Independence Mine on Sunday 4 Oct From 1 to 4 PM. Volunteers are welcome. Big thing is brushing both sides of the trail along the "Sochi Hill" and back down towards the visitor center (about 400 meters).
  9. Anywhere in Anchorage

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Wed Sep 30, 2015 by Tim Kelley

    Reminder: Today is your last chance! If you want to say that you xc ski in Anchorage 9 months of the year (assuming you haven't skied in Anchorage already this month and assuming there will be snow in early May), you have to ski somewhere in Anchorage today (9/30). 9 month Anch xc seasons are getting rare. Don't let a potential "Anchorage 9'er season" slip away! ;-)
  10. Russian Jack

      [Anchorage] - 12:00 PM, Wed Sep 30, 2015 by Red8wop

    Fun skiing! 3 inches, best in the open grassy areas. Thin and drippy under trees. Very fun on light touring gear
    Get it while you can!
  11. Glen Alps

      [Anchorage] - 10:00 AM, Wed Sep 30, 2015 by Lex Treinen

    There's a good bit of snow up at Glen Alps but unfortunately the skiing along the power line is a bit iffy. It is wet underneath in a lot of spots so unless you have a better strategy than I did to keep your skis from icing there will be a lot of stopping and scraping. On the Upper Huffman side there was a backhoe knocking down trees and unfortunately it made some deep tracks all of the way up the trail. The best spot I found was up around Blueberry Hill. There were a few thin spots but hardly any wetness and it is nice terrain. If the foot traffic gets too heavy it could definitely wear through. Maybe if someone has the time or inclination to do some shoveling we could extend the skiing a few days though. Happy trails!
  12. Echo Bend, Eagle River

      [Anchorage] - 8:00 AM, Mon Sep 21, 2015 by Luc Mehl

    Water is almost too low but the colors are incredible. There is a major river-wide log jam after the first rapid. Be sure to eddy out on river right. The rest of the run is clean of wood.
  13. Hatcher Pass

      [Mat-Su] - 11:00 AM, Sun Sep 20, 2015 by Gavin Kentch

    This is for Hatcher Pass (that is, the pass per se, just above Summit Lake), not Independence Mine State Historical Park: really damn good. There was, per the Sept. 15 trail report, about 6" on the ground as of this morning. Impeccable coverage. I skied in a 1.5km loop in the flattish area between the pass and Summit Lake, and had some very, very good skiing. I don't know how long it's going to last, but this morning was about as good as anything we had last winter.

    Access: park below the lodge, walk uphill up totally bare Fishhook-Willow road. Skiable snow starts about 200 vertical feet below the pass. You could bike this first part too, if you wanted to ride straight up.

    I didn't check out the mine side of the valley, but my strong suspicion is that there is not enough snow up there to be worthwhile. Certainly not in and around the standard mine area; *maybe* a little higher up into Gold Cord Basin.

    Picture from near the pass today if you're curious:
  14. Glen Alps

      [Anchorage] - 9:00 AM, Fri Sep 18, 2015 by Gavin Kentch

    The world's great age begins anew: 2 inches at the parking lot and out the main access trail to Powerline, which was technically enough to ski on, but really grabby. But if you turned right halfway to Powerline and went up the Flattop backside access trail, there were 3+ inches windblown. I skied in a classic track over a half km or so, and had several laps of real skiing.

    I would recommend the backside trail, obviously with rock skis, as of 9:45 a.m. this morning. But it's going to go fast in this sunshine.
  15. Hatcher Pass

      [Anchorage] - 5:00 PM, Tue Sep 15, 2015 by Tara

    Yes, the road to Willow is now closed. However, walking up to the top of the road toward April Bowl TH- the snow was falling! About 6" established, and was continuing to fall hard. If it keeps up, it may be time for the rock skis! Winter is on it's merry way.

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