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  1. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

      [Anchorage] - 4:00 PM, Sun Jan 25, 2015 by Bart

    Skied the coastal trail S. from Woronzof to Blue Bridge. There isn't any set classic track and the snow is thin (maybe an inch or so) but in good condition for skate skiing. Poles bottom out on the pavement or ice below the snow, but looks like the surface was groomed in the last few days.
  2. Hillside

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Sun Jan 25, 2015 by devo

    2deg F, with beautiful sun. Classic skied the Spencer Loop. Tracks are set. Trail had been groomed Sat (morning?) - will need to be re-groomed for skate skiing. Classic skiing was nice.
  3. Tour of Anchorage Trail

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Sun Jan 25, 2015 by Kent Waite & the GottaWanna Gals

    Skijor- Hillside to Takishla. Great run with good coverage everywhere. Special THANKS to KYLE who was putting snow under MLK bridge as I passed. Likewise I assume he filled in the tunnel by the ANHC. Tudor bridge was thin but skiable. Get out!
  4. Alaska Pacific University

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Sun Jan 25, 2015 by John McCormick

    There is enough snow to comfortably classic ski over the dirt, rocks, and roots. Skating doesn't look like it would be much fun.
  5. Beach Lake Trails - Chugiak

      [Anchorage] - 12:00 PM, Sun Jan 25, 2015 by New skater

    Oh so cold, but the trails were being groomed via snow machine as we were skating on them. There were still a few powder-covered trails but the base made them skiable. Great Alaskan day.
  6. Glen Alps

      [Anchorage] - 10:00 AM, Sun Jan 25, 2015 by John McCormick

    Proceeding out of the South Fork Valley towards Ship Lake Pass we found the snow cover was too thin for skiing. It is deep enough to hide the rocks but not deep enough to ski over. Also, under the snow is a lot of ice, so if you take your skis off for a part of the descent, be prepared for it.
  7. Tikishla-Northern Lights-Russian Jack

      [Anchorage] - 8:00 AM, Sun Jan 25, 2015 by Jason

    The multi-use wasn't bad this morning at -6 F, though the new snow on the golf course areas was predictably slow. Multi-use, Tikishla and Russian Jack were all groomed yesterday morning. Happy to finally have some snow!

    Wax notes: Start Green and Inari cold powder.
  8. GPRA

      [Mat-Su] - 10:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Ed Strabel

    Classic tracks set on Mat-Su Loops (skate lane is still in good shape following the High School races). Mountain Streams Loop groomed for classic and skating.
  9. Glen Alps Middle Fork

      [Anchorage] - 9:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Glen Alps Trailhead

    Enough snow to cover 99% of rocks to do some touring, no grooming, all outback! <3ing the snow
  10. Kincaid Park

      [Anchorage] - 7:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by JPR

    Could the race organizers have the courtesy of informing other skiers of what is closed, of the time of closure, and of alternate routes?
    Today coming from Jodhpur, continuing with Margaux, I was blocked at the stadium, and later at the lower tunnel, when I tried to reconnect with Margaux. A good exit was on Elliot's climb, and with the ungroomed shortcut to the lower tunnel to finally reach Margaux towards Jodhpur. A simple sign on Margaux before reaching the stadium would have been appropriate.
  11. Tour of Anchorage Trail

      [Anchorage] - 6:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Skijoring Ladybugs

    Tour of Anchorage Trail from Service to the north end of the BLM airstrip is in pretty good shape with just enough snow to cover the ice, but not quite enough snow to cover all the spruce cones. Skiers, snowbikers, and walkers were all out having a good time.
  12. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

      [Anchorage] - 5:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Chuck

    My friend Scott and I had the pleasure of planting our stiff skis lovingly into the virgin groom, which was soothingly soft, yet had a perfect firm foundation.
  13. Beach Lake Trails - Chugiak

      [Anchorage] - 3:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Tony

    Beach Lake was lovely but slow skating after the initial groom this afternoon because of the long-awaited snow. Should be primo tomorrow.
  14. Russian Jack

      [Anchorage] - 3:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Sarah

    Oh so fun! And the winter totally redeemed itself! Trails are great!
  15. Russian Jack Springs Park

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Melissa

    Flurries still falling this afternoon. They have made at least one pass to flatten & groom the trail. We saw two snowmachines with "groomers". Good ski, soft trail. Lots of kids at the chalet doing a ski lesson.
  16. Hillside

      [Anchorage] - 2:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Tim J.

    13 degrees and light snow falling. Fresh groom and classic tracks on Original Lit Loop, Besh, and Double Bubble. Bottom of classic tracks occasionally down to icy base with subsequent surprising speed - forward and occasionally backward (lack of kick). No grooming yet on Richter or Ridge - but good skiing anyway. Thanks groomers!
  17. Hillside Trails

      [Southeast] - 1:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Kikkan Randall

    NSAA groomers out this morning packing the Hillside trails. A bit soft but getting better every lap. Thanks guys!
  18. Kincaid Park

      [Anchorage] - 1:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by jay peabody

    fresh grooming on lighted loops. a thin layer of cord over ice. Definitely still rock ski conditions but very skiable, and considering this winter conditions are good.
  19. Russian Jack

      [Anchorage] - 12:00 PM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by steve cleary

    Groomer came to Russian Jack right before Junior Nordic started at 10:15. Nice work. Skated from there over Tudor Bridge. tour trail not groomed, but it is groomed along Campbell under Elmore over to Lake Otis. Fun. Had to take off skis for the tunnels but great skiing.
  20. Chester Creek Trail

      [Anchorage] - 11:00 AM, Sat Jan 24, 2015 by Larry Rundquist

    Fresh groom this morning on upper Chester, Tikishla loop, Northern Lights, APU Bypass, and at least some of Russian Jack. Soft groom due to dry snow conditions, but it mostly filled in the best line single track depression along Northern Lights. About 2 more inches of dry snow overnight in the area.

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